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Leadership Lessons With Simon Sinek

I recently listened to a keynote talk by the inspirational speaker and author Simon Sinek. It’s hard not to be blown away by nearly everything Simon says but this particular clip held my attention as he delivered 6 key lessons I think we can all benefit from as leaders in our field.

Here are the highlights;

  • Some people see the thing they want, whilst some people can only see the thing that prevents them from getting the thing they want
  • Sometimes YOU are the problem – You must take accountability for your actions, everything you do right and wrong
  •  Take care of each other – To succeed you need to learn to take care of those to the left & right of you
  •  Learn to accept help and accept you can’t do it all
  • Great leaders need to practice being the last to speak in the room
  • As you gain fame and seniority people will treat you better – remember none of that stuff is meant for you, you are not your position it’s meant for the level of leadership you have achieved.

All of these lessons were golden but the one standout leadership lesson was that leaders need to practice being the last to speak in the room. I observe this consistently as a key differentiator at a senior leadership level. This particular lesson was taken from a speech by Nelson Mandela, the son of a tribal chief when he was asked what it takes to become a truly great leader.

By practising the art of speaking last he explained you get to take in everyone else’s thoughts and opinions, ask questions that help you to understand what they mean and why they have the opinions they have. Ultimately you are remembered for having the greatest impact on the conversation.

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