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5 Tips To Help You Stand Out As An Effective Leader

My niche as a leadership effectiveness expert is leadership transition – when a leader reaches a stage in their career when what got them here isn’t going to get them there. It’s about unlearning to learn and building the comfort and confidence to look at their leadership effectiveness through a new lens.

Kate Thomas - Leadership Effectiveness Expert

Taking on this transition as a leader is challenging; a lot is going on, 360 degrees of noise, which is why many leaders are supported with coaching, an external sounding board, guide, advisor to help them cut through the noise and identify what is most critical.

My executive Coaching sessions can feel uncomfortable at the start. The self-reflection is unusual. Taking time away from the to-do and focusing on self feels different. Creating the space for the coaching session in itself is hard at first for most leaders when they choose to do this.

When was the last time you took an hour from your day to focus only on yourself and view it as part of your job description?

Leadership effectiveness at an executive level is less to do with the day to day results and more to do with how others perceive your approach towards achieving such results.

The key to differentiating your leadership effectiveness is not what you do; it’s the way you do it. It’s about the how.

What do you do to be seen? Are you noticed for the right reasons?

Leadership effectiveness is about creating a personal brand by shaping and owning what you’re known for rather than leaving it to others to figure out or create for you.

Here are 5 Tips To Help You Stand Out As An Effective Leader;

1. Owning your space

It starts with identifying the space you want to be in. Be clear about what strengths you offer, and be sure to connect your strengths with what you enjoy and what’s important to you.

2. Authentic authority 

When you show up feeling confident and clear about how you serve and what you bring, you’ve indirectly created space for yourself to lead—creating clarity for others by creating clarity for yourself.

3. Inner strength 

We all live with self-doubt but overthink it and you talk yourself out of it. Lead with the knowledge that 100% right is impossible especially when there are so many moving parts. Let your inner strength -guide you forward, your experience, knowledge, attitude, and purpose Sharing and generating ideas is possibly more important than having THE answer.

4: Use all of your tools 

When you get to an executive leadership level it’s less about what you know. This adjustment can be challenging, it’s about using all of your tools. Your network, your experience in life, your body language, your voice, your presence. Remember what you’ve got in your toolkit and dust off what’s rarely used. Use your full range.

5. Invest energy in yourself 

the leaders of a business are the most stretched in terms of work, responsibilities, and life dynamics. Ironically, the leaders of a business are making the biggest decisions that affect the largest employee population. therefore, you could say that not investing in yourself and finding mechanisms to protect your energy is of disservice to those you lead.

Investing Your Energy As A Leader

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