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5 Ways to Manage the CEO January Blues

January can be a challenging month for many CEOs and leaders and for those at the top of the c-suite, the pressure to galvanise a team into action can be challenging. Here are 5 ways you can re-energise and refocus your leaders for the year ahead.

Communicate with clarity in the chaos 

The start of a new year can feel a bit like being in the firing line for a CEO, everyone wants a piece of you, everyone is looking to you. To avoid that feeling of overwhelm and chaos at the start of the year, CEOs need clarity and they need to communicate clarity – communicating what is important, why it is important and once achieved where it will take you and your team acts as a catalyst for action and helps to get everyone aligned and focused.

Block out time to build boundaries and Think Big

A CEO needs time away from the day-to-day and this can be hard especially at the start of the year when you can feel pulled in multiple directions. Be strict with your diary. Be clear on the importance of blocking out time booked for you – this is sacred time for a CEO to think big, strategise and think about the year ahead. Without this time to lean into you, you run the risk of your growth plan being reactive and you being on the back foot.

Make mental fitness your mission 

To lead your business with energy, passion and positivity isn’t enough. CEOs are at the core of all decision making which also requires sharp thinking, low-stress levels and an agile mindset. Making mental fitness your mission means building the mental muscle to navigate continual challenges and set your mind free to innovate. Incorporate a creative outlet, make time for micro-moments to reset and show up to each conversation with an explorative mindset – this combination will see you create the habits for CEO success.

Participative Planning

A CEO starts the year with a plan but to take that plan to the next level, enhance the possibilities and consider all perspectives means being participative with your plan – inviting others to share ideas, brainstorm with you and provide feedback – Planning in a vacuum means you run the risk of being blindsided. Take the pressure off and start the year with a participative approach.  Not only will you take your plan to its next level you also benefit from the energy of those working with you.

Have Fun to Feel Fulfilled

It’s easy to fall into a trap of feeling the need to do more, achieve more, and want more.  This time of year is a melting pot filled with expectations, additional demands and pressure –  to start the year feeling positive, to plan what the year will bring and to create an environment that will see you succeed

’YOU will be happy when’… is a conversation many of us will have as we reflect on the new year ahead.

Whilst this outlook is necessary to help motivate us to reach goals, maintain focus, and pay attention. Too much of it will trigger our brain into survival mode which can activate a part of our brain that leads to negativity, and our quest for the happy factor starts to feel out of reach, or the experience is short-lived.

What can YOU do

🔸 Be present in the now

🔸 Reframe to find the opportunity in any situation

🔸 Find the Fun and Fulfilment in what you are doing.

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