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NewlandRock increases leadership effectiveness for talent-savvy companies and individuals going through a transition. Focused on assessment, executive coaching and wellbeing solutions – internationally. The logo of balanced rocks symbolise markers, known as cairns and are often placed along a trail to signify that you are on the right track when navigation becomes difficult.

Leadership Effectiveness is the rock of every business.

It’s the leaders of a business that will design the trail and be responsible for making sure talent is on the right track. When times get difficult, the leaders will navigate and identify a route forward – a trail to ‘new land’ and an opportunity to grow.

The balanced rocks symbolise the path to success.


Kate Thomas – Founder & Director

My passion for launching NewlandRock stems from what is important to me – NewlandRock brings me closer to my clients. To make a difference in the effectiveness of leaders, their impact and overall success.

What’s unique to the NewlandRock model is the holistic approach my solutions offer. An immersive experience, combining my leadership effectiveness expertise, coaching skills with wellbeing and an inside out, mental fitness focus. Meaning, NewlandRock solutions are truly transformative.

Before launching NewlandRock, I spent 20 years working with businesses advising on talent-centric strategies, leadership effectiveness and organisational development. This career also took me overseas, working and living internationally – Asia, Australia, Ireland & UK. Spending significant time within fast-growing markets and advising businesses who were accelerating through change.

As a leadership effectiveness consultant, my hands-on experience with clients include:

  • 400+ behavioural science assessments
  • 500+ executive coaching partnerships
  • 20+ psychometric tools
  • Several large scale organisational development projects

For more information on my own career to date, please visit my profile on LinkedIn.


British Psychological Society Certification    |    Professional Co-Active Coach    |   Professional Positive Intelligence Coach   |   CPD Member



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NewlandRock Philosophy

I am passionate about talent. Everyone is talented. We all have skills to bring, but to be effective, there are simple yet complex factors that need to fit into place.

Purpose | Potential | Performance

Who we are, what we want to achieve and how we are going to fulfil what is possible.

Knowing your direction of travel. Acknowledging that the path can get difficult along the way, that you may go off track, feel uncomfortable or get lost. Discovering what could be getting in your way becomes the best investment in YOU


Getting to the heart of the problem of those we serve

Listen – and understand the talent problems organisations need to solve.

Challenge –  you want to be constructively challenged based on extensive knowledge and experience.

Advise –  establish trust and be regarded as a true talent-centric advisory partner.

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