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Time for YOU. Read this section with a cuppa. Take a moment to switch off, focus on my words of wisdom – support your development and effectiveness.

This is YOU

Leadership Effectiveness – What Chapter are YOU on?

Are YOU the star of your leadership story?

It’s surprising how easy it is to start living someone else’s story. Influenced by our environment to the point that our thinking and actions no longer resemble who we are. Living someone else’s story can feel OK, it can feel normal but it will impact your leadership effectiveness.

Ever heard yourself talk and think – was that me? Where did those words come from? Or did it sound like you were reading from someone else’s script?

Our working worlds are all-consuming. The ‘always on’ digital way of working and living means that for many, we are surrounded by a corporate story, a media story, a family story and who we are, our identity, and the character that we show are more aligned with the stories we are in rather than our own. It can mean that you are not in balance; you are not as effective as you could be. YOU are not leading your story.

Achieving more isn’t about doing more. It’s about doing the right things for YOU. It’s about being the star of your story.

My Coaching work sometimes starts with an assessment session – a way of discovering how you show up and the impact you are having. This process is like I’m a fly on the wall, watching you in action, observing every detail, following you around. In this session, YOU are the star of your story. I am only interested in YOU.

This assessment session is a deep dive into YOU.

♦ Who YOU are

♦ What makes YOU tick

♦ How YOU impact others…

Working out what to do with the insights from this session is the key to your success. My technique is to work with YOU to supercharge your effectiveness so that YOU are the star of your story and each of your characters make an appearance so that YOU lead the way.

Being YOU

Supercharging your performance also means that the environment you are in creates a setting for you to grow. Think of it as a plant; plants require different care to thrive, which also changes with the season. Place a plant that needs sunshine in a shaded spot, and it will struggle to grow. It’s the same with YOU. Identifying the right environment so that YOU can be the star of your story is like placing a plant in the right spot – knowing that you may have to move it when the season changes.

YOU are the priority.

Be the star of your story, and enjoy creating different chapters as the seasons’ change.

What chapter are YOU on?


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