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Adapting to the Great Resignation

I was recently interviewed on The Business Elevation Show for Voice America to discuss the impact of the Great Resignation. As a leadership effectiveness expert, I was asked what recommendations I would make on how companies could move forward in the aftermath of its disruption.

The pandemic fuelled the perfect employment storm.

Some saw it as an opportunity, a catalyst for positive change, a chance to slow down and reflect on what drives us as individuals and what’s important to us. Others saw it as a chance to get clarity around what their next career move needed to look like.  For many, they took the opportunity to retire earlier than planned.

The Great Resignation had started and suddenly companies needed to move quickly to retain and attract key talent.

How could companies see the Great Resignation as an opportunity?

For some leaders physically stepping away from their organisations forced them to question if it was right for them in the first place and this pause or remote style of working has given them the space to reflect on what’s really important to them moving forwards.

Experts were forced to debate topics such as infrastructure, values and culture and how that drove an emotional attachment to their organisations outside of financial reward.

I recently pulled together a team of experts from across the recruitment, HR, OD and career development sector to discuss this topic on my own Leadership Effectiveness Podcast, 

We collated our recommendations into the Great Resignation Organisational Success Blueprint which you can download here. 

You can listen to the full show below.