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Assessment & Succession

Assessment unlocks your talent’s full potential. A powerful process that provides clear development direction, inputs valid and reliable evidence into your succession planning and a build or buy strategy.

The types of assessments offered range depending on the target outcome. A light touch, objective view to get a sense of immediate capability, to a deep dive perspective to explore the full potential and next step development.

  • Individual capability and potential
  • Bench strength succession planning
  • Team effectiveness

Experience a commercially focused, evidence-based assessment solution that fits your unique talent objective.

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Assessment Scenarios

The performance of your business has plateaued

Your leadership team are solid, they have worked together for several years and are well respected by the business.

  • Do you have the right leadership team to move you forward?
  • Are the individual leaders’ strengths clear and maximised?
  • Would fresh blood add a boost? Fit is your biggest concern.

You want to invest in your next generation of talent

Your leadership team are contributing to the success criteria.

  • What ‘high-potential’ looks like isn’t consistent and therefore the benchmark is unclear?
  • There is confusion regarding what criteria differentiate performance from potential.

There is a promotion opportunity and several talented options

  • Do you know what the strengths and development gaps are?
  • You want a robust assessment that will validate a decision and help to create an onboarding development plan.

Why use NewlandRock?

We are all talented, but we don’t always know where our talents are best served.

The ethos of NewlandRock is to bring the breadth of behavioural science-based assessment expertise to a client-centric, coaching conversation. Making the outcome of an assessment real, not just words and recommendations on a page so that it creates a positive impact and sets you up for success.

When NewlandRock was established, it was important to embed its philosophy that every person is talented; the key is to understand

Person  | Performance |  Potential 
to drive decisive development action.

An assessment process is a reliable and evidence-based way to bring the best out of talent so that your talent shine. The output also provides relevant information to make decisions about your talent with confidence.

Whether you are a client seeking to identify your leaders for the future or need to validate a hiring decision, your specific needs become the priority. No assessment is the same.

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