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This is YOU

Building a high-performing team is more than just collecting great talent.  

From fostering a culture of collaboration and trust to maximising individual strengths and harnessing collective intelligence, in Series 5 of The Leadership Effectiveness Podcast we explored the key ingredients that differentiate high-performing teams from the rest, alongside our expert panel, thought leaders and successful practitioners who shared their insights, strategies, and real-world experiences on:

🌟 Building a winning team culture that inspires excellence and innovation.
🌟 Leveraging diversity and inclusion to drive creativity and resilience.
🌟 Developing effective team dynamics and communication strategies.
🌟 Building or buying a high-performing team to achieve strategic growth.
🌟 The impact greater access to well-being tools and strategies can have in enhancing team effectiveness 

In the first episode, I answered the most asked questions I’ve received on the topic of developing high-performing teams and my tips and insights determining the core elements that can enhance and expand a team’s impact.  We looked at the stages of developing a high-performing team and the challenges to maintaining that level of performance.   

DEI, leadership and coaching expert Melody Moore joined us for the second podcast to discuss the impact of building a truly diverse team we tackled key topics including: 

◾️ The five core elements that make up a high-performing team
◾️ How can we ensure we are valuing diversity and knowing what we mean by diversity?
◾️ Who needs to be in a team and what does the ideal make-up of a high-performing team look like?
◾️ How to move your team from talking to implementation. 

In episode 3 I discussed the human-centric element of leadership teams with Top Team Performance Expert Andrew Lopianowski and dived into the connection between high-performing teams and their purpose. 

‘We need to answer why before we answer how’ 

This quote from Andrew really resonated with me reflecting on the common theme between all our speakers on the importance of teams having a central purpose as their guiding force digging into the psychology of how people work together, and the power constructive conflict can have in driving innovation within high-performing teams.  

Executive search expert Guy Day joined me for episode four to debate the ‘build or buy’ question to building a high-performing team and the role an external consultant can add to the process to give an impartial strategic view.  

Guy explained that CEOs sometimes need that external sounding board to help them make difficult decisions when the team that has got them to where they are, isn’t the team that can get them to their next phase of growth.   

One key phrase that stood out for me in this episode was the question he poses to CEOs to assist them with futureproofing their talent strategy. 

What people change could be pivotal to drive the next phase of growth?  

The final episode of the series culminated in my interview with wellness expert Ian Kershaw looking at the wellness solutions that can transform your leadership impact and the wider team environment. 

Our talk reminded me of a post I’ve written previously on this topic of leadership lifestyle. What do you do to connect the two – lifestyle and leadership?

You, as a parent, friend, partner, interconnect with who you are as a leader and vice versa; how you look after your physical and mental well-being at work impacts your success in and out of work. 

Combining great talent into a team with collective energy, vision, and direction is where the real work begins.  Your team is the engine house of your brilliance, if they aren’t working together effectively, then your business is not going to reach its potential.  

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