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We all know that it’s the talent in an organisation that is the most differentiating asset.
It’s been proven time and time again that the best product does
not equate to the best results. It’s the talent and leaders behind the product
that reaps dividends.

Maximising talent and leadership effectiveness are what will supercharge results.

Read below a selection of our recent case studies.


Our team is broken…

What happens when you put high-performing individual experts together as a team?

  • Outstanding output?
  • Progressive Performance?
  • Dysfunctional Dynamics?

‘We need help! My team are individually incredibly talented. They are outstanding performers, great minds, and have achieved a lot in their careers. This should be our superstar team, but it needs to be fixed. We are broken.’

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Our leadership team is stuck?

When an organisation advances its strategy, an essential aspect of success stems from the leadership team driving it forward.

Our client made a bold strategic move which impacted the core of its internal functions and ways of supporting its customers. This bold move focused on the future and achieving the next level of organisational success.

Twelve months in, and the cracks were starting to show. The strategy was solid, but the talent within the teams was in trouble.

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I’ve lost my confidence and I’m avoiding situations…

This was a statement recently made by one of my executive NewlandRock coaching clients.

A senior executive leader with extensive experience who had lost confidence in her ability to persuade her stakeholders.

This moment became a tipping point in our coaching conversation. We could’ve gone down a path of tactical strategies, but by doing so, we would miss the essence of how this self-doubt had shown up in the first place.

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Finding the missing leadership link

During a coaching session with a leadership team, one of the executives stayed back to chat.

He welcomed the confidential space to talk and wanted to explore what I had observed in his leadership and approach as a team player. Before going further, I asked why the question – he went on to tell me how he was feeling stuck.

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From excitement to overwhelm

I could see the conflicted expression during a coaching conversation with an executive leader.

This leader was full of energy for what was possible – A big dream, a futuristic perspective on how the organisation could transform to perform at new heights. With this energy and enthusiasm, the leader showed concern for the sheer magnitude of the opportunity. To dream big and commit to the action, required change and significant commitment. In that split moment, the expression went from excitement to being overwhelmed.

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