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Executive Coaching

Coaching & executive development is needed by most leaders at various stages of their career, from a seasoned expert to a high potential leader.

The opportunity to supercharge performance and leadership effectiveness starts with realising that what you know is the ticket to play. It no longer defines success at a decision making level. Understanding who you are, what makes you tick and developing how you do what you do is the key to achieving goals.

Being curious about the unique situation, exploring neuroscience-based coaching techniques and diving deeper into your behavioural DNA, forms the  NewlandRock framework for creating an executive coaching & development programme that is specific to the needs at that moment.

Accelerate Performance

To navigate an increasingly dynamic work environment successfully requires leaders to embrace doing things differently. Having the appetite to lead within unfamiliar demands will only get you so far. Leaders are often faced with isolating circumstances and need the support of a Coach who can build mental muscle to forge the path forward.

Fresh perspective

Coaching is not about changing the person. We are who we are. Impactful coaching is about identifying and enhancing individuals’ core strengths. Bringing a fresh perspective to the context and adjusting leadership styles to achieve results.

Executive coaching acts as a powerful catalyst in refining and expanding a leader’s skill set.

It’s  about provoking critical thinking to help you work towards your goal – to understand your thoughts, desires, frustrations and needs. An effective coaching partnership triggers reflection, makes connections, arouses emotion, evaluates beliefs and helps YOU embrace fears.

Dynamic decision making | Impactful execution | Enhanced strategic clarity | Increased agility


It’s about YOU

The coaching-style at NewlandRock places YOU at the centre. You are your own rock and you bring unique DNA to your leadership.

I typically work with executives who are at a tipping point in terms of their career:

Leadership Transitions | Emerging Leaders | Career Coaching 

  • Starting a new role that is requiring a different approach
  • Onboarding to ensure a successful first 90 days.
  • Be promotion ready to smoothly transition into the next level.
  • Stuck in-a-rut and not progressing

We all have our blind spots

We could also all benefit from someone external to hold up the mirror for us. When we get to a certain point in our decision-making leadership careers, it’s more important than ever to look for an executive coach to help you uncover what’s holding you back now and in the future from being a more effective leader.

It is the role of an experienced executive coach is to be your external eyes and ears, providing a more accurate picture of your reality. They’re breaking your actions down and then helping you build them back up but with a fresh lens for how you can maximise your leadership effectiveness and impact. Taking that deep dive, evidence-based approach is a key offering at NewlandRock..

Our programmes are created in collaboration with you from 3 to 12 months, providing complete leadership effectiveness immersive solutions.

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