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Have you considered the mindset diversity within your team?

If leaders hope to improve decision-making and make the right choices for their business, then creating a team where a culture of openness is encouraged becomes essential. Teams serve as the bedrock of innovation, problem-solving, and progress. Yet, within the confines of a unified team, a lurking danger often emerges groupthink.

This phenomenon, characterised by unanimous agreement without critical evaluation, can stifle creativity, impede decision-making, and limit a team’s potential.

The remedy?
◾️ Encouraging and valuing diverse perspectives within your team. Embracing a multitude of viewpoints serves as an effective antidote to groupthink, fostering a rich tapestry of ideas and solutions.

◾️ Ensuring your leaders are approaching discussions with an agile mindset is critical in the C-suite.  Adapting to the pace of change, challenging established ways of working and looking for new ways to achieve an outcome is paramount to meeting an organisation’s growth agenda.

To remain relevant within a challenging economy, leaning on your tried and tested ways of working will start to slow your strategy down. It might be time to look at the mindset diversity within your team and how you leverage the breadth of perspective around you.

Organisations need to hire future-focused, disruptive leaders to remain relevant, this is where an assessment process with deep behavioural insights can assist in finding that direction disruptor needed to fuel organisational growth and innovation.

The assessment solutions offered at NewlandRock combine science-backed behavioural methodology with a commercial understanding; arming organisations with evidence to enhance decisions into actionable strategies to support onboarding or promotion priorities.

Do you have mindset diversity within your team?

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