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High Performing Teams Health Check

Leaders are struggling

The same three key challenges keep cropping up.

Earlier this year, NewlandRock launched an anonymous online health check to assess the essential needs of leadership teams and gain a better understanding of the factors influencing effective leadership and high-performing teams.

The results have been interesting.

From our survey results so far, the three most cited challenging areas are:

◾️ Capacity to manage workloads
◾️Changing expectations and lack of clarity
◾️Lack of agility to aid decision-making

What impact do these three areas have on their wider organisations?

💡 Leaders need to get laser-sharp in how they spend their time to achieve strategic impact and audit the conflicting priorities that will impact their results and their leadership performance.

💡 Teams that aren’t aligned in how they work together lack clarity on the principles and behaviours that unite them. This leads to fragmented leadership impact and limited cohesion to drive the strategy forward. When observing teams in this situation, you often experience derailed priorities, and focus is placed on projects that do not deliver the most significant impact for the organisation.

💡 The absence of a balanced mix of talent and diverse mindsets within teams can lead to a struggle in providing divergent and agile solutions to challenges. This, in turn, can cause the strategy to stagnate, underscoring the crucial role of diversity in team composition.

💡 In the current dynamic business environment, becoming an agile next-level leader is not just a choice, but a necessity. It requires you to be able to change gears quickly, responding to the situation in front of you with laser focus and an acute sense of what will make a profitable impact. Mastering this skill is critical to being able to slice through the white noise, remaining focused and composed in the moment.

💡 Achieving an aligned top team can only happen if there is clarity regarding the strategy ahead. The key is finding a way to celebrate those differences and get clear on that North Star purpose of the team to drive collective success forward.

Developing high-performing teams is a core offering at NewlandRock. The need for leaders and teams to evolve and enhance at pace is critical for achieving success.

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