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How A Rock Inspired A Company

It all started with a rock, a pandemic, and an idea of how leadership effectiveness could be coached differently. Let me tell you the story of NewlandRock.

I’m Kate Thomas and over the last 22 years I’ve been working in the talent strategy space advising businesses on talent-centric strategies, leadership effectiveness and organisational development across the globe.

The pandemic gave me a chance to reflect and rediscover what was important to me in this next phase of my consulting career and refine what impact I wanted to have on the leaders I work with. One of the thoughts that started to resound loudly in my own head was this thought of ‘you are your own rock.

So why the rock?

Even though I am an experienced executive coach myself it’s very difficult to coach yourself, if not impossible. We just don’t have the ability to fully bypass our own blind spots and shine a light on those areas where things have become clouded. Without an unbiased coaching perspective from a third party, we can lose our way and find ourselves taking turns towards places that don’t suit us or work environments that arouse motives in us that mean that we lose sight of who we are in our true selves.

By investing the time to self-dive with a coach myself I could see that what I wanted to create was a leadership effectiveness business that focused on an immersion by putting the leader front and centre. You are your own rock, to trust yourself.  As a leader you are also the rock of your team responsible for the strategic direction of your business and other people in terms of creating the best environment for them. So, in any movement or decision-making activity you are taking your business, yourself, and your team to new land. Hence the creation of NewlandRock.

The logo of the balanced rocks symbolises markers, known as cairns and are often placed along a trail to signify you are on the right track when navigation becomes difficult. It’s the leaders of a business that will design the trail and be responsible for making sure your talent are moving in the right direction.

Leadership effectiveness is the rock of every business.  NewlandRock specialises in talent savvy solutions for leaders in transition.


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Leadership Effectiveness is the rock of every business. NewlandRock increases leadership effectiveness for talent-savvy companies and individuals going through a transition.

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