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I’ve lost my confidence and I’m avoiding situations…

This was a statement recently made by one of my executive NewlandRock coaching clients—a senior executive leader with extensive experience who had lost confidence in her ability to persuade her stakeholders.

This moment became a tipping point in our coaching conversation. We could’ve gone down a path of tactical strategies, but by doing so, we would miss the essence of how this self-doubt had shown up in the first place.

👉 We all go through phases of self-doubt in our careers.
👉 There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to moving through it.

▪️ We talked about a time when she had created a positive outcome.
▪️ We took a helicopter view of being in the moment to connect and capture the essence of her actions.
▪️ We moved step by step through the scenario to look at what was different.

By taking herself up and out of her own challenge and looking at it through a lens of curiosity and empathy she realised that in the haste of wanting to prove herself and get a job done, she had sped through the strength of her relationship-building skills.

We all have a superpower within us. A way of leading that makes our approach unique and authentic to who we are. For this leader, her relationship-building was the critical missing component in elevating her leadership effectiveness and boosting her confidence.

👉 This leader now has a personalised blueprint about what differentiates her impact and success.

👉 How do you manage your moments of self-doubt?

👉 Are you taking time to prioritise and nurture your high-impact strengths?

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