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  • Why does Leadership Effectiveness Matter beyond achieving results?  

    Leadership effectiveness is not just a nice-to-have quality; it’s critical for the success and growth of organisations, teams, and even nations. Effective leadership creates a ripple effect throughout an organisation.   …

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  • Kate Thomas and the famous five of effective leadership

    The Famous Five of Effective Leadership

    Effective leadership combines soft skills to create harmony, guide others and inspire action with hard skills to define the direction of success. Effective leadership isn’t defined by one-size-fits-all characteristics but…

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  • Leadership Effectiveness

    Leadership Effectiveness – What is the Impact?

    Leadership is a complex and multifaceted concept, and leadership effectiveness lies at its core. But what exactly is leadership effectiveness, and why does it matter? “We are all talented and…

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  • Strategies for dealing with a divisive leader

    How do you lead a ‘Marmite’ leader?

    We’ve all had them in our teams. Those outspoken, challenger leaders who want to push the boundaries, go rogue, thinking at a hundred miles an hour and wanting to drive…

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  • I’ve lost my confidence and I’m avoiding situations…

    This was a statement recently made by one of my executive NewlandRock coaching clients—a senior executive leader with extensive experience who had lost confidence in her ability to persuade her stakeholders. This…

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  • Our Leadership Team Is Stuck?

    When an organisation advances its strategy, an essential aspect of success stems from the leadership team driving it forward. Our client made a bold strategic move which impacted the core…

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  • Our Team Is Broken…

    What happens when you put high-performing individual experts together as a team? Outstanding output? Progressive Performance? Dysfunctional Dynamics? ‘We need help! My team are individually incredibly talented. They are outstanding…

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  • Leadership Success

    What Impacts The Success Of Your Transition To A New Role?

    These results may surprise you. According to a recent HBR article, 49% of people promoted internally are underperforming up to 18 months after those moves. McKinsey reports that 27% to…

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  • What Role Does The Office Retain For Our Leadership Teams?

    “Why should I return to the office when I can work from here?” … Schools are out, the holiday season has arrived, and the demands on our leader’s time, flexibility,…

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  • Kate Thomas Leadership Expert Hold a leadership coaching book

    New Leadership In Today’s Time Of Change, Uncertainty & Opportunity

    In today’s faster-paced and ever-changing leadership environment, leaders face unique challenges when it comes to navigating uncertainty. Uncertainty has been around for some time, and it is the norm, but…

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  • Kate Thomas Leadership Expert

    Leadership Assessment Isn’t Just A HR Talent Conversation

    The newest season of the NewlandRock Leadership Effectiveness Podcast focused on developing and achieving strategic success through Leadership Assessment. Why did I focus an entire season on the importance of assessment? Leadership…

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  • Succession Planning – Who Is On Your Bench?…

    The past few years have taught us all that change can happen at any moment so why do so few organisations invest time in succession planning for their senior leadership…

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  • The Leadership Tipping Point 

    What is one of the biggest de-railers for a senior leader in their career? As a senior leader, the impact of decision-making serves as a huge ripple effect on multiple…

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  • January Is Hard for Leaders

    If you haven’t found your leadership mojo yet in 2023 and come racing out of the gates energised for what you want to achieve then don’t worry, it’s not your…

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  • CEO Mindset

    5 Ways to Manage the CEO January Blues

    January can be a challenging month for many CEOs and leaders and for those at the top of the c-suite, the pressure to galvanise a team into action can be…

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  • Finding Your Second Career Wind

    Sometimes when life turns things upside down for you in your career it can actually be a golden opportunity, if you choose to lead the way. “The same wind blows…

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  • Which Leadership Soft Skills Are Opening The Door to the C-Suite?

    Identifying senior leaders has changed. The traditional corporate pedigree that used to open the door to the c-suite is no longer a major determinant for securing top jobs. The capabilities…

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  • Make Sleep Your Leadership Priority

    The importance of sleep isn’t new but if rebooting your brain and boosting your performance is important to you – it starts with you and it starts with sleep. Sleep…

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  • Why Is Expanding Your Range Important?

    When people feel stuck in their career, or in life in general, one reason I observe with the leaders I coach is they aren’t doing enough to satisfy that part…

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  • The Power Of Five For Leadership Effectiveness

    Jim Rohn (the self-made millionaire, mentor to leaders and author of many best-selling power of self-discipline books) is thought to have said that ‘YOU are the average of the five…

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  • Are You Leading A Nourished Leadership Life?

    This week’s leadership lesson focuses on the importance of NOURISHMENT To nourish is described as providing your body with what is necessary for life, growth and good health. The number…

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  • Try Conscious Exercise This Week

    In this week’s Leadership Lesson, we are looking at the science that talks about the impact of exercise on the brain and how we can maximise our effectiveness. We all…

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  • Make Kindness Your Leadership Superpower

    In the first of six forthcoming leadership lessons, I’ll be sharing a weekly tip on how you can reset, reboot and rejuvenate your brain for the week ahead. In this…

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  • Can You Coach Yourself?

    ‘I’m coaching myself through this’ ‘I’ve got a lot of experience and I’ve completed a coaching course.’ As an executive coach I hear these sorts of phrases all the time,…

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  • Adapting to the Great Resignation

    I was recently interviewed on The Business Elevation Show for Voice America to discuss the impact of the Great Resignation. As a leadership effectiveness expert, I was asked what recommendations…

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  • Can Coaching Help You Have A Greater Strategic Impact?

    I recently watched a fascinating TED talk by Atul Gawande a surgeon who wanted to push the boundaries of coaching to see if he could improve his complication rates. He…

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  • Executive Coaching

    How To Increase the Effectiveness of Executive Coaching

    Our natural tendency is to go into action and problem solving too quickly and that becomes the blocker of impactful executive coaching. A natural response is ‘what can I say…

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  • Is There a New Rule Book Driving The Great Resignation?

    Earlier this year I launched my NewlandRock Leadership Effectiveness Podcast. We started the first series by debating the hot topic of the Great Resignation by interviewing experts from across the leadership landscape…

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  • How A Rock Inspired A Company

    It all started with a rock, a pandemic, and an idea of how leadership effectiveness could be coached differently. Let me tell you the story of NewlandRock. I’m Kate Thomas…

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  • Boundaries & Your Next Leadership Level

    The answer might surprise you The Results Are In…. I recently ran a poll on LinkedIn asking where you struggle the most with setting boundaries. The overwhelming majority came back…

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  • Coaching V Consulting

    Coaching v Consulting The lines between the two often get blurred. My role as a leadership effectiveness expert is to decide, define and create solutions to help leaders become change…

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  • The Power of Percolating

    Recently I’ve been immersed in coaching global leadership teams towards enhancing their effectiveness through identifying new ways of working together. But like many things in life, it can take time…

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  • Leadership Lessons With The Lionesses

    Building A Winning Team This summer we had a masterclass in what calm leadership and teamwork really look like as Sarina Weigman led her team to victory as the champions…

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  • Lessons In Leadership

    Leadership Lessons With The Queen

    Royalist or not there are countless lessons to be learnt from a leader whose career has spanned 70 years. What has struck me most has been the Queen’s ability to…

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  • Leadership Lessons With Simon Sinek

    I recently listened to a keynote talk by the inspirational speaker and author Simon Sinek. It’s hard not to be blown away by nearly everything Simon says but this particular…

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  • Has Covid Killed Chit-Chat?…

    In this week’s leadership insight, I share a challenge that many of us have faced recently that may surprise you to hear. When going back into the office after remote…

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  • Lisa Wisdom Podcast

    Are You Dressed To Match Your Potential? With Lisa Wisdom 🎙

    Can the Level of your Leadership Success Be Impacted By Your Style? What does dressing for your diary mean? How does your individual style talk to your leadership identify and…

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  • Shola Kaye Podcast

    Leadership Communication Skills With Shola Kaye 🎙

    Are You Making Your Value Clear? How are you representing yourself? Do you sit there in meetings thinking about the context without sharing your thoughts with the room? Are you…

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  • Caroline Williams

    Move Your Body To Improve Your Leadership Skills – With Caroline Williams 🎙

    Did you know that …. Walking can improve your cognitive skills? Strengthening your muscular core reduces anxiety? Light stretching can combat a whole host of mental and bodily ailments, from…

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  • Damian Culhane

    Success Saboteurs With Damian Culhane -🎙

    Understanding how your own saboteurs are impacting your choices, thoughts and leadership agility is essential when developing your career as a leader. In this first episode, I interview Damian Culhane…

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  • The Great Resignation – Podcast Episode 5

    In today’s episode, we look at how companies and leadership teams should take this time to pause and question if what was important to them pre-pandemic is still the same….

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  • The Great Resignation – Podcast Episode 4

      “It’s a huge opportunity for companies to approach talent in new, fresh ways” In this week’s episode of the NewlandRock Leadership Effectiveness Podcast, I interview Jill Seddon, a People…

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  • The Great Resignation – Podcast Episode 3

    “The pause button was pressed. Executives want to keep their skills current and companies are struggling to keep up” Episode 3 – Executive Search Expert – Guy Day What Is…

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  • The Great Resignation – Podcast Episode 2

      “Pay isn’t the answer. Companies need swift, radical action,” Episode 2 – Reward Expert featuring Mark Quinn How Can Organisations Retain Their Top Talent During The Great Resignation of…

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  • The Great Resignation – Podcast Episode 1

      “This is about change & burnout combined with increased pressure & uncertainty. Turn towards your people.” Episode 1 – Career Coach featuring Hayley Lawes There’s A Storm Coming… The…

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  • Mental Gym

    Are You Going To The Mental Gym?

    As we move into February the momentum behind the ‘new year, new me’ mantra can start to wane. Those packed gym classes are starting to get less busy, and our…

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  • 5 Tips To Lead Your Team Online

    How Do We Lead Our Teams Effectively, but Virtually (again)?

    You’re just back into the swing of working from the office, your leadership team were responding well to the new rhythm, and it started to feel ‘normal’ to leave the…

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  • 5 Tips To Stand Out As A Leader

    5 Tips To Help You Stand Out As An Effective Leader

    My niche as a leadership effectiveness expert is leadership transition – when a leader reaches a stage in their career when what got them here isn’t going to get them…

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  • Leadership Realignment

    Helping Your Leadership Team Realign & Reignite Their Purpose

    As we move towards the end of the year, I’m being asked more and more to help senior leadership teams get clear on what their purpose is and how they…

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  • meetings

    A Pandemic of Meetings!

    The pandemic forced our working life into an online meeting frenzy. Conversations that naturally happened over a coffee or photocopier had to be scheduled. Many of my clients had so…

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  • Christmas Blog

    The Great Leadership Switch Off

    Are your leaders already gearing up for switching off? The John Lewis ads are on the TV. The Coca Cola lorry is on its way chanting ‘Holidays are Coming’ and…

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  • Leadership, Icecream

    Are YOU serving ice-cream as you welcome your teams back to the office?

    Could there be a connection between leadership effectiveness and ice-cream? And it’s not about favourite flavours… Is your style of leadership turning the ice-cream sour?… A new ice cream parlour…

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  • Career

    Are You Ready to Make a Midlife Career Leap?

    The pandemic created a pause. A time for all of us to reflect and expand our thinking on what we really want to do moving forwards, how we want to…

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  • Recruiting

    Are You Recruiting for your Culture of The Future?

      How often do you question your company culture and the impact that has on your recruitment decisions?   The impact of Covid-19 on company culture and how we grow…

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  • Hire

    Do You Hire Your Leaders on Gut Feeling or Evidence?

    In this challenging time of change and uncertainty the need for strong and effective leadership in the workplace has never been more important. In this article I interview Kate Thomas…

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  • move

    When do YOU move?

    🟡 “I like to Move it, Move it, I like to – Move it”… – Remember that song? Now I’ve got your attention, let me ask you – When do…

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  • ABC NewlandRock Journal

    Simple as ABC

    Summer time comes with a lot of expectation. To go somewhere fun, to see family and friends, to take time off work, to catch up on hobbies… The list is…

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  • micro-moments

    Micro-Moments How do YOU get yours?

    Achieving in life can be addictive. The need to keep moving forward sucks you in, makes you feel secure and creates much intrinsic energy. ✺ What’s wrong with that? Our…

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  • Ritual

    Routine vs Ritual – What will boost your effectiveness?

    Routine vs Ritual I had an interesting conversation with one of my coaching groups recently. How do you start your day? Asked one of the participants to the rest of…

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  • Surf, NewlandRock

    How often do YOU surf?

    How often do YOU surf? Our lives are full of the misconception that we can control an outcome. A desire to create certainty for ourselves, plan, manage our time and…

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  • Sunday says

    Sunday Says…

    Sunday Says… Remember that game, Simon Says? Put your hands on your head. Put your hands on your hips… and we’d all copy each other.   🔸 What do your…

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  • Why, unproductive, leadership, newlandrock

    Why are we wiring ourselves to be unproductive?

    I’m a bit of a science-led, analytical thinking creature. It was all about mathematics for me during my school days, and my Mum often reminds me that, as soon as…

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  • Coach; Leadership; Coaching

    Why do YOU have a Coach?

    Why do YOU have a Coach? Said a pal of mine recently, can’t you just coach yourself? I suppose I do in some ways. At least, I do know when…

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  • How do you Lean On

    How do YOU ‘Lean On’?

    How do YOU ‘Lean On’ as a leader? My new phrase – yes, ‘Lean On’ not ‘Lean In’ like Sheryl Sandberg How do YOU lean on others to achieve more?…

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  • Leadership Effectiveness

    Leadership Effectiveness – What Chapter are YOU on?

    Are YOU the star of your leadership story? It’s surprising how easy it is to start living someone else’s story. Influenced by our environment to the point that our thinking…

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  • YOU & Your Leadership Identity…finding your way home

    YOU & Your Leadership Identity…finding your way home. ♦ Who are YOU? ♦ What experiences have shaped YOU? ♦ Where has your journey taken YOU? How do YOU own your…

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  • NewlandRock – Official Launch

    I’m proud to announce that today marks the official launch of my leadership effectiveness company, NewlandRock. My passion for launching NewlandRock stems from what is important to me – NewlandRock…

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  • Here for you now

    What’s here for YOU, now?

    What’s here for YOU, now? This very moment… • what are YOU aware of now • what’s showing up for YOU now • what do YOU need now   How…

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  • What impact do YOU want to have?

    What impact do YOU want to have? Thinking about our goals and what we want to achieve can become a static exercise. I want a pay rise I want a…

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  • What is bothering you

    What is bothering YOU?

    What is bothering YOU? Think about an obstacle that you are facing. A situation or task that’s bothering you. I’d like to challenge you to change this obstacle into an…

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  • Happy when

    YOU will be happy when…

    YOU will be happy when… This time of year is a melting pot filled with expectation, additional demands and pressure – irrespective of this pandemic push-pull power.  🔸to start the year…

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  • Kate Thomas, Best

    Bring out the best in YOU

    Bring out the best in YOU. ‘YOU are the average of the five people you spend the most time with’ Jim Rohn. For many of us, January – the start…

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