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Leadership Assessment Isn’t Just A HR Talent Conversation

The newest season of the NewlandRock Leadership Effectiveness Podcast focused on developing and achieving strategic success through Leadership Assessment.

Why did I focus an entire season on the importance of assessment?

Leadership level assessment is a powerful process that can help organisations level up their leadership impact, uncover skill gaps, and drive meaningful change across teams and functions.

But how do you ensure that your assessment strategies align with your business objectives and deliver the desired results?

My work in the field of assessment forms a significant part of my role working with global organisations. It’s important to continually assess skills and strengths to grow and develop successfully as an organisation and as individuals. In this new season, we looked at leadership assessment from all angles. We explored different methods, strategies, and techniques to help you become a better leader and level up the impact you can have as you uncover the hidden leadership talent within your organisation.

Our first guest this season was Melody Moore a Leadership Coach & DEI Expert.

The Leadership Effectiveness Podcast


In our episode, we considered the process of assessment and the positive impact that undertaking an assessment can have on the individuals involved and your organisation’s need to drive a DE&I agenda.

In Melody’s words;

‘An assessment process is the way of understanding what’s uniquely you and how might you best serve the business the organisation & the world.’

In our discussion, we covered the positive impact that assessment could have in providing a data-led recruitment and interview process, discussing topics such as:

◾How does your organisation push to the next level with its DEI agenda?

◾Does a diverse team perform better than a homogeneous team?

◾How can you manage and create an environment where all the different voices can be heard?

How assessment can help to cast a light where the digital world can’t reach.

In the second episode, we continued our discussion on the strategic value of incorporating assessment into your leadership talent strategy with Liz Elmes, an expert in leadership development and assessment.

In our episode, we looked into the importance of managing an assessment process effectively the beauty & insight of alignment that occurs when assessment really helps to tap into the person beneath the surface and how assessment can help to cast a light where the digital world can’t reach.

In this fascinating episode, we discussed the following;

◾ The beauty of alignment that assessment can bring between an individual and their role

◾ How assessment can help leaders to be happier and more productive and provide real insight into what their next career step really should be.

◾ Leadership assessment shouldn’t be seen as a scary ordeal but an opportunity to clarify a leader’s strengths and whether a role really is a good fit for now or the future.

◾ The role of behavioural data and psychometrics in talent strategy management.

Leadership profiling is both a privilege & responsibility

In episode 3, I interviewed Business & Organisational Transformation Expert Taranjeet Singh on the strategic impact leadership assessment and profiling can have on executive succession planning.


In our discussion, we considered how assessment could provide a valuable opportunity for the leader who sees this as an investment in discovering more about themselves.

◾ The personal impact a detailed profile can have in helping executives gain better insight and clarity into what they need to dial up or down to achieve enhanced success.

◾How profiling can help individuals and organisations to know when it’s time to change gears and move into a different maturity phase and what leadership looks like at each phase.

This episode focused on what profiling can do for your own leadership effectiveness and how by embracing the process as a leader, you can use it as a tool or gift for your own growth and an opportunity to uplevel

Can assessment & executive search make the perfect combination?

◾Experience blinds us

◾ Gut feel can influence us disproportionately

◾ How do we get past this in the executive hiring process at a senior level?

When it comes to hiring senior leaders – organisations need to de-risk the process as much as possible and that doesn’t mean adding additional layers of internal interviews. Incorporating behavioural-science-based assessment techniques into your hiring process brings critical benefits towards mitigating the risks associated with hiring the wrong candidate.

In my final episode, I interview executive search expert Guy Day about how assessment and executive search can work alongside each other to provide a complementary, robust, data-led process to mitigate the risk when making hiring your next leader.

Here are 5 key benefits of executive assessment that I took away from this episode.

1: Assessment is a powerful, streamlined, cost-effective layer of confidence for the hiring organisation.

2: The technique brings a behavioural science-based conversation which gets under the skin of what differentiates success at a leadership level.

3. Providing organisations with an unbiased, evidenced-based view of a shortlist which drives inclusive hiring decision-making when considering several options.

4. Assessment leads to successful onboarding – identifying development gaps, onboarding priorities and executive coaching needs.

5. A robust assessment process provides an excellent candidate experience and protects your company brand.

This valuable podcast season is packed with tips for any organisation focused on a build-or-buy executive talent strategy or senior leader looking to uplevel their leadership effectiveness.

You can download these episodes from any streaming platform or click the links to catch up below.  There is also a free guide that accompanies this series which you can download here.


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