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Time for YOU. Read this section with a cuppa. Take a moment to switch off, focus on my words of wisdom – support your development and effectiveness.

This is YOU

How do YOU ‘Lean On’?

How do YOU ‘Lean On’ as a leader?

My new phrase – yes, ‘Lean On’ not ‘Lean In’ like Sheryl Sandberg

How do YOU lean on others to achieve more?

How do you adjust your plan of action because YOU need help to move forward?


I want YOU to develop the power to Lean On. Why? because it’s the biggest test of effective leaders…


I felt unwell after my Covid-19 vaccination and the side effects lasted for over a week. It meant that it was impossible to keep up with what was on my agenda. It was also a critical time for one of my projects and therefore I couldn’t just stop.


Yes, it was frustrating, I didn’t want to take my foot off the gas pedal – Stopping wasn’t an option nor was not delivering what my workload needed.


Next step choices in this situation are limited yet incredibly powerful and effective when you know how;


  • I needed to lean on others
  • I needed to lean on myself differently
  • I needed to adjust how I approached what I was working on


If YOU don’t lean on, YOU won’t move forward. You end up adding a level of stress that will take YOU off track and in my case, I physically couldn’t process more. I knew leaning-on was the only way forward.


Letting go to lean-on, feels hard for many leaders. It can feel like a failure. It can feel like too much work (I don’t have the time to explain – I hear this a lot) Yet, if you don’t lean-on as a principle for how you lead, inevitably it is YOU that ends up exposed.


Leadership effectiveness is about developing the skills to spin many plates and walking away without them falling off.


Leaning – On is about accepting that YOU can’t always bring your A-Game and when that happens YOU need a backup plan.


  • YOU need to know where you can add the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time
  • YOU need to let go #doless to achieve more (and in my case, to recover) 
  • YOU need a network and community you can trust


You need to be able to walk away without the plates falling off.

Which means:

  • Letting go of control
  • Asking for help, welcoming input. 
  • Letting others know what you can’t do
  • Accepting it’s not about you


Here’s a test for YOU –  Leadership Effectiveness is about Leaning-on – YOU can’t carry the load 24/7. 

  • What does your support network look like?
  • Who else is with YOU on the journey?
  • How capable are your supporters?
  • If YOU had to turn your phone off tomorrow what would sink?

I’m going to Lean On:

Mel Robbins today and share this nugget of gold with you.

  • I used my network to find this clip
  • It talks perfectly to my coaching focus about how YOU #liftthelockdownlull and improve your #MentalFitness

Enjoy & let me know how you go with it



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