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This is YOU

Make Sleep Your Leadership Priority

The importance of sleep isn’t new but if rebooting your brain and boosting your performance is important to you – it starts with you and it starts with sleep.

Sleep reboots your leadership brain to ensure when you are on, YOU are at your best inside and out. YOU should be obsessed with sleep. Get this right, and YOU will be winning.

We all need to sleep but creating the habit and sleep routine can feel hard. If switching off to calm your mind doesn’t feel important to you – you get by as you are. Think about what feeling revived would look like.

Lack of sleep is like a punishment to your brain. Rebooting your brain and shifting from survival mode to a place where YOU can expand is your opportunity to rejuvenate and reset and beat those sabotaging thought patterns, it is also important for building up your immune response.

Without sleep, your brain is more likely to operate from survival mode, and this fight-flight arousal means that YOU are attacking your day. Your stress levels increase, your levels of anxiety spiral, your saboteurs’ muscles get stronger, and the internal negative chit-chat gets louder. YOU are firefighting.

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