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This is YOU

Micro-Moments How do YOU get yours?


Achieving in life can be addictive. The need to keep moving forward sucks you in, makes you feel secure and creates much intrinsic energy.

✺ What’s wrong with that?

Our brain can’t cope with it! It literally goes into an overdrive state and relies on autopilot responses to keep going.

✺ What’s wrong with that?

Our brain and body will start to burn out. This combination of high energy and always ‘switched on’ mode will stop working for you. Instead of feeling clear in your thinking, brain fog appears, and all you’re doing is ticking boxes.

✺What’s wrong with that?

Leadership effectiveness is about being dynamic, thinking broadly, being creative to boost performance. Do you think the autopilot, fog-filled brain can do that?

🔶 What can you do?

Find micro-moments for YOU – A way to warm down your brain.
Micro-moments supercharge performance by boosting your mental fitness.

Would you complete a big gym session without warming down? Why treat your brain any differently?

It sounds obvious, so what gets in your way?

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