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NewlandRock – Official Launch

I’m proud to announce that today marks the official launch of my leadership effectiveness company, NewlandRock.

My passion for launching NewlandRock stems from what is important to me – NewlandRock brings me closer to my clients. To make a difference in the effectiveness of leaders, their impact and overall success.

NewlandRock focuses on increasing the effectiveness of leaders through assessment, executive coaching and wellbeing solutions – internationally.

What’s unique to the NewlandRock model is the holistic approach my solutions offer. An immersive experience, combining my leadership effectiveness expertise, coaching skills and an inside out, mental fitness focus. Meaning, NewlandRock solutions are truly transformative.

Before launching NewlandRock, I spent 20 years working with businesses advising on talent strategies, leadership performance and organisational development. Spending significant time within fast-growing markets and advising businesses who were accelerating through change. What I learnt during this time is that everyone is talented, we all have skills to bring, but to be effective, there are simple yet complex factors that need to fit into place.

By providing expertise in this critical space, I aim to provide clients with accessible talent insights that supercharge leadership effectiveness.


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Leadership Effectiveness is the rock of every business. NewlandRock increases leadership effectiveness for talent-savvy companies and individuals going through a transition.

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