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Our Team Is Broken…

What happens when you put high-performing individual experts together as a team?

  • Outstanding output?
  • Progressive Performance?
  • Dysfunctional Dynamics?

‘We need help! My team are individually incredibly talented. They are outstanding performers, great minds, and have achieved a lot in their careers. This should be our superstar team, but it needs to be fixed. We are broken.’

Hearing this from a client and then asking to ‘sort us out’ turned into a 6-month leadership effectiveness immersion for NewlandRock and a programme of work that saw us shift from dysfunctional dynamics into outstanding output. It took grit, vulnerability and an all-in mentality from each leader involved.

Interestingly all eyes were on the Chief of this team, and whilst there were ways of working, top-down, that needed to be enhanced, the key to the effectiveness of this leadership team was in how they stepped up and owned their roles of a leader. – it was about lifting the identity of these individual performers into being leaders and relearning how to lead together.

Through a series of face-to-face events, virtual thought leadership sessions, one-to-one coaching and group coaching, this global team delved deeply into themselves, what was getting in their way and built communication strategies with each other that saw them lead the conversations forward collectively.

From this place of strength, the team aroused their strategic muscles for what would see them succeed together. The individual urge to achieve pivoted towards a refreshed purpose, and they found heightened impact in leveraging expertise towards big-picture opportunities.

We rebuilt this leadership team to create a new identity, improved structure, and collaboration contracts. From these solid foundations, alignment and strategic priorities were formed with supporting reward strategies that cascaded within.

Engagement scores within this leadership team increased by 40%

Their internal brand has risen, presenting at Board and advising the Group CEO collectively.

The Chief’s responsibilities have expanded.

This group of individual, high-performing experts have transformed into a successful team. | LinkedIn

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