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Six ways executive coaching can enhance onboarding effectiveness

The first 180 days are critical for any newly appointed executive, whether from outside or within the organisation.

There is much to balance, from identifying what is most critical to laying the foundation for future forward-thinking opportunities whilst also balancing team dynamics and stakeholder objectives.

These are significant moving parts, and to create the right impact, newly appointed executives need support. Coaching at this key point in time helps to ensure a smooth transition and accelerate success.

Executive coaching challenges leaders to look hard at themselves, their role, the demands, and what nuances exist within the business that need to be navigated to find the best approach for maximum impact.

NewlandRock coaching is customised to each leader and linked to personal and professional goals as well as specific strategic challenges. In each session, the coach and leader work together to identify current priorities and develop a plan for each one. Critically the coach ensures the leader considers all the issues, prioritises what is vital and maximises the impact of the opportunity.

Its where leadership strategy meets business strategy.

Here are six key ways executive coaching can enhance leadership effectiveness in the first 180 days within a new role.

How could onboarding coaching help support you in your leadership transition?