Executive Team Coaching

Your team is built on individual foundations.

Understanding what you want to achieve as an organisation is crucial to growth and remaining relevant to your market. The key to achieving such growth is ensuring you have the leaders in place to make it happen and they are clear on the critical success factors and core leadership behaviours needed to bring that strategy to life.

All too often, I see teams struggling to drive results when a new strategy or direction is announced.  Roles can change, new ways of working are needed, and the cracks can start to show. The strategy and the team can become stuck. In this situation it’s important to create a new benchmark for what successful leadership looks like, what the critical success factors and core leadership behaviours are that will anchor that foundation in place.

◾️ The strategy provides the blueprint of what the business needs.
◾️ The leadership effectiveness programme provides the blueprint that bridges business needs with leadership, uncovering the key elements that support the strategy and identifying what will enhance the leaders’ way of getting there.

The collective success of this approach is built on individual leadership foundations. Understanding what is going on at a deeper level for each of the leaders in a team environment means we can address gaps and focus on the impact they want to achieve as a team.

Building a high-performing team is more than just collecting great talent.

Combining great talent into a team with collective energy, vision, and direction is where the real work begins.

Your team are the engine house of your brilliance, if they aren’t working together effectively, then your business is not going to reach its potential.

Our signature high-performing team development programme is designed to enhance, align and harmonise new and existing teams into effective working partnerships. Our immersive process combines powerful 1:1 coaching with group coaching to align personal impact with team impact to maximise overall effectiveness collectively.

High Performing Teams Programme 

Our programme calibrates the team’s approach to collaboration, identity and purpose created with you to incorporate your specific strategic context and organisational goals.  

Applicable for:  

  • Expanding leadership teams forming together to create new ways of working together
  • Growing organisations where the leadership team are realigning on purpose priorities and performance 
  • Enhancing company culture through a top-down interconnected solutions 

Our team coaching programmes are created in collaboration with you from 3 to 12 months, providing complete leadership effectiveness immersive solutions. Each programme is designed specifically to your needs and needs to flow at times that suit your business, your leaders, and your objectives.

Our NewlandRock integrated programmes are fully independent which means we can take thought leadership influence from various places to create a programme that makes sense for you and your team.

Contact us for a quote based on your individual requirements.

The NewlandRock Four Levers Of Leadership Impact Roadmap [TM]

Our exclusive NewlandRock Leadership Effectiveness framework is embedded throughout our work, bridging leadership strategy with organisational strategy to help leaders elevate their impact and get streamlined on their priorities.

Our Four Levers of Leadership Impact Roadmap is a leadership development programme incorporated into all our our executive coaching and top team programmes.

A bespoke version of the Four Levers of Leadership Impact programme is available for co-creation for organisations, contact us for more information.

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