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Team Effectiveness Health Check

It’s no secret that the success of your leadership teams is a key driving force towards achieving your strategic ambitions, and with market dynamics continuing to pressure leadership decisions, we want to delve deeper and learn more about what makes leadership teams effective.   

We invite you to participate in a team effectiveness health check.

Developing a high-performing leadership team is a core offering at NewlandRock, and these last few years have seen clients position top team effectiveness as a priority. We have conducted hundreds of in-depth leadership and team assessments at NewlandRock, spanning the globe.   

Our research has identified three core needs within the leadership teams we have worked with:    

  • The need for Clarity – To gain alignment around goals, priorities, objectives and how the team will work together.  
  • The need for Connection – To work as a collective whole, acting as one team in support of each other to break down silos.  
  • The need for Courage – Forming the trust that unites the team towards bolder opportunities and driving innovation.   

Understanding what factors influence impactful leadership and creating high-performing teams remain at our core for 2024, so we invite you to participate in a team effectiveness health check.  

Completing our brief leadership team effectiveness health check would significantly contribute to a clearer understanding of potential team trends as we enter the next phase of organisational change and economic disruption.   

In return, I will share insights, findings, and tips to assist you in understanding how well your team is performing and see what levers might be most effective for improving productivity and engagement in 2024.   

This is a quick, online questionnaire designed to assess a series of key factors that differentiate team performance. Your results will be sent to you immediately.    

I hope you enjoy it, and I look forward to sharing your results with you.