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The Great Resignation – Podcast Episode 1


“This is about change & burnout combined with increased pressure & uncertainty. Turn towards your people.”

Episode 1 – Career Coach featuring Hayley Lawes

There’s A Storm Coming…

The Great Resignation is gathering pace – are you ready?

According to a recent study by Microsoft, It is estimated that currently, over 41 per cent of the workforce is planning to hand in their resignation in the new year. The pandemic has fuelled the perfect storm, and with more restrictions looming, the need to reassess, re-prioritise and reshuffle our lives are about to become even more critical.

In this #leadershipeffectiveness podcast series, I’ll be interviewing experts across the spectrum, looking at all aspects of the Great Resignation and its impact on leaders and organisations.

In this first episode with NewlandRock & Career Coach Hayley Lawes CPCC ACC we discuss the hot topic of change and how we can use this period of the great resignation as a catalyst for positive change, a chance to slow down and reflect on what drives you, what’s important to you and get clarity around what your next career move needs to look like.


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