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The Great Resignation – Podcast Episode 2


“Pay isn’t the answer. Companies need swift, radical action,”

Episode 2 – Reward Expert featuring Mark Quinn

How Can Organisations Retain Their Top Talent During The Great Resignation of 2022?

The new year is naturally a time to reflect and refocus on what we want to achieve career-wise. Add to that a pandemic, remote working and suddenly the perfect conditions have arisen for what social media has coined ‘The Great Resignation’.

As leaders move physically further away from their teams and organisations, the ties that bind loyalty are loosening. For some leaders physically stepping away from their organisations has forced them to question if it was right for them in the first place and this pause or remote style of working has given them the space to reflect on what’s really important to them moving forwards.

In this Second episode of NewlandRock’s ‘The Great Resignation Podcast, I’ll be talking to #reward Expert Mark Quinn about what he thinks organisations should be doing to hold on to their #toptalent and the kinds of infrastructure that drive an emotional attachment to an organisation outside of financial rewards.

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