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The Power Of Five For Leadership Effectiveness

Jim Rohn (the self-made millionaire, mentor to leaders and author of many best-selling power of self-discipline books) is thought to have said that

‘YOU are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.’

When I combine this statement to one of my favourite behavioural science quotes which is that your behaviour is a function of who you are as a person, in the situations you put yourself in this combination illustrates the importance of self-awareness and targeting the right relationships as key to leadership effectiveness and maximising impact.

The leaders I coach gain a deep level of clarity regarding who they are as a  person, what makes them tick and the value they want to bring. When you align this insight with a focus on their relationship impact our coaching moves to being deliberate about your network, who you connect with and who you have around you.  Leaders then experience the Power of 5. A combination which sees them accelerate.

This leadership lesson highlights the importance of being strategic with how you build relationships at work. But it’s not only about work. Think about the Power of 5 as a relationship eco system.

If your behaviour is a function of who you are as a person in a situation, start to get laser sharp about the situations that set you up for success along with the identifying the people you spend time with and how they make you feel.

The key to leadership effectiveness is connecting with the right people and putting yourself to the right environment. Who you connect with, what that connection stands for and how it adds value to you is critical.

As YOU start to be more proactive in this pursuit, reflect on the environment YOU put yourself in and the impact it has on you.

Try a ‘who do you know audit’. As life changes what’s important to you changes. Are you aligning yourself with the people that fulfil you or are you in autopilot and spending time with the connections and networks of old?

Challenge yourself today. Audit who you spent the most time with and start to identify the five people who bring out the best in you.

Make your relationship in and outside if work, work for you

You may start to notice a theme appear and no doubt there will be relationships that no longer serve who you are and where you want to go. When this presents itself you have options – either remove yourself from what no longer serves you or build the mental muscle to navigate it. | | LinkedIn

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