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The Power of Percolating

Recently I’ve been immersed in coaching global leadership teams towards enhancing their effectiveness through identifying new ways of working together. But like many things in life, it can take time to absorb, accept and answer what’s being asked of you. The key to coaching and developing leaders is providing the space to sit and sense what needs to sink in and permeate for a while before the real impact can be felt.

This has led me to create a series of powerful pause or percolate sessions where I bring the groups back together and try to uncover what might have been going on for them. So we pause, we percolate and then we position what it is that we’re committed to and what it is that we’re going to do next. That way we achieve action and movement that will really shift forward. It drives a deeper level of agreement v’s in the moment, in the room reaction.

These micro sessions or pause and percolate sessions are very interesting because when you’ve given yourself space to think and even maybe apply you start to make connections that you haven’t before.

New insights for yourself as an individual. New insights about the leadership team that you’re in. More honesty comes up. More vulnerability comes up because trust has been built in this space

So this week, at NewlandRock we’ll have lots of pausing and percolating, how about you?

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