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5 Steps to Creating Your Ultimate Succession Strategy

Have you stress tested your talent strategy?

As you plan your talent strategies this year, are you prioritising a build or buy approach? If you don’t know which approach will work for your organisation’s needs, take a further review of this Framework for Succession Planning, and consider using the five stages as the agenda for your next talent strategy meeting.

6 Steps to Sustainable Leadership

With Workbook and Habit Tracker

How YOU can re-energise your leadership…
This guide looks at 6 essential leadership lessons to help you reset, reboot and rejuvenate your effectiveness.


The Great Resignation

Are you ready to navigate the Great Resignation?

This blueprint is a guide to help organisations through this Great Resignation storm and develop a long-term battleplan to drive a ‘people first’ agenda and unlock the positive
change that will lead organisations into a new era.


Leadership Impact Audit

Workbook Tool

This free tool helps you understand the impact between leadership, impact and your workload


Leadership Unlocked

Leadership Assessment Isn’t Just A Talent Conversation for HR

The new season of the NewlandRock Leadership Effectiveness Podcast launched earlier this month, focusing on developing and achieving strategic success through leadership assessment.


4 Ways to Shift from Back-to-Back Meeting Drain to Sustainable Leadership Impact

Workbook Tool

This template will help you own your leadership impact; the intent and input you want to have on the tasks ahead of you.


Your 21-Day Reflective Journaling Guide

Journaling Tool

 Journaling empowers us to navigate the complexities of life with intention, helping us chart a course towards personal growth, self-discovery, and the realisation of our dreams. As you progress through these 21 days start to enjoy a fresh perspective emerge from your thoughts, brighter ideas and unleashed energy.

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