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High-Performing Teams Blueprint

Combining great talent into a team with collective energy, vision, and direction is where the real work beginsYour team is the engine house of your brilliance, if they aren’t working together effectively, then your business is not going to reach its potential.  

Download our round up of tips, insights and strategies to build your high-performing team gathered from Season 5 of The Leadership Effectiveness Podcast.


Take Our Team Effectiveness Health Check

These last few years have seen our global client community collectively highlight one clear priority – top team effectiveness.

With market dynamics continuing to pressure leadership teams’ decision-making, the need to understand the factors influencing impactful leadership and creating high-performing teams remains critical in 2024.

This is why we have created a free online NewlandRock team effectiveness health check. With your involvement, you will access immediate insights and recommendations to help qualify how well your team is performing in these three key areas and discover what levers may improve productivity and engagement in 2024.

💻 If you are ready to enhance what will impact your team’s next level of performance, then click our online team health check now.

5 Steps to Creating Your Ultimate Succession Strategy

Have you stress tested your talent strategy?

As you plan your talent strategies this year, are you prioritising a build or buy approach? If you don’t know which approach will work for your organisation’s needs, take a further review of this Framework for Succession Planning, and consider using the five stages as the agenda for your next talent strategy meeting.

6 Steps to Sustainable Leadership

With Workbook and Habit Tracker

How YOU can re-energise your leadership…
This guide looks at 6 essential leadership lessons to help you reset, reboot and rejuvenate your effectiveness.

The Great Resignation

Are you ready to navigate the Great Resignation?

This blueprint is a guide to help organisations through this Great Resignation storm and develop a long-term battleplan to drive a ‘people first’ agenda and unlock the positive
change that will lead organisations into a new era.


Leadership Impact Audit

Workbook Tool

This free tool helps you understand the impact between leadership, impact and your workload

Leadership Assessment Isn’t Just A Talent Conversation for HR

The new season of the NewlandRock Leadership Effectiveness Podcast launched earlier this month, focusing on developing and achieving strategic success through leadership assessment.

4 Ways to Shift from Back-to-Back Meeting Drain to Sustainable Leadership Impact

Workbook Tool

This template will help you own your leadership impact; the intent and input you want to have on the tasks ahead of you.

Your 21-Day Reflective Journaling Guide

Journaling Tool

 Journaling empowers us to navigate the complexities of life with intention, helping us chart a course towards personal growth, self-discovery, and the realisation of our dreams. As you progress through these 21 days start to enjoy a fresh perspective emerge from your thoughts, brighter ideas and unleashed energy.

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