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Try Conscious Exercise This Week

In this week’s Leadership Lesson, we are looking at the science that talks about the impact of exercise on the brain and how we can maximise our effectiveness.

We all know how important exercise is to our physical strength, but what would you say to the science that says without physical exercise our brain power goes into decline?

Therefore, science tells us that physical activity is no longer a nice to do but part of our leadership effectiveness tool kit.

Let’s talk about how we exercise and explore a newer concept mental fitness and how conscious exercise is one of the driving factors.

The science behind this shift in how you exercise comes from our partnership with Shirzad Chamine, Stanford lecturer and best-selling author of Positive Intelligence. His research talks about conscious exercise as having a direct correlation with boosting our mental fitness.

Building mental fitness means you are building the mental muscle and mental capability of self-command to access the part of your brain that thinks beyond boundaries. It’s said that this space in your brain converts obstacles into opportunities and therefore navigates the stress of change and challenge so you are by passing your survival mode instincts.

Most of us exercise by going through the motions – autopilot mode that drives logical thinking. Our mind wanders – thinking about the grocery list, what’s on TV that night, planning for a meeting, rehashing a conversation—all totally normal. But exercising in this way may not be helping to build the mental muscle we need to quieten internal chitter-chatter, reduce stress, and maximise our effectiveness.

Conscious exercise means being present in the movement. That doesn’t mean only being still. We can achieve this boost in mental fitness through all forms of exercise.

The next time you exercise, incorporate these tips and tweaks designed by Positive Intelligence.

In short intervals, zone in and…

  • Focus on the texture of the exercise equipment you are using
  • Feel the air change on your skin as you run or walk outside
  • Notice the different sensations across your feet as you move

The science tells us that these small tweaks will open up  neural pathways and move us from rational/task-based thinking to the place in our brain where superpowers live such as curiosity, empathy, innovation.

You could say conscious exercise is a hidden secret.

Try it, repeat it and make it a daily habit. Start to notice the benefits in your overall wellbeing and cognitive capacity.

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