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Our Leadership Team Is Stuck?

When an organisation advances its strategy, an essential aspect of success stems from the leadership team driving it forward.

Our client made a bold strategic move which impacted the core of its internal functions and ways of supporting its customers. This bold move focused on the future and achieving the next level of organisational success.

Twelve months in, and the cracks were starting to show. The strategy was solid, but the talent within the teams was in trouble.

Our work started with an analysis of the new strategy.  We needed to understand why the strategy was important, what success looked like and how the organisation planned to get there.

The leadership team driving this new strategy were in place. They had inherited their roles, but their roles had changed. This was an important pivot in this programme of work. The leaders driving this new way of working were operating in the same way – how they were leading the new strategy had not changed.

The strategy and the team were stuck.

By identifying critical success factors and core leadership behaviours required to bring the new strategy to life, a new benchmark for successful leadership was created. This formed the foundation and anchor for what came next.

Did this leadership team fit the new profile?

By assessing the leadership team, we uncovered multiple data points that told us the story of this new strategy, why it was challenged and specific gaps that needed to be addressed. This blueprint talked explicitly about the business needs and what was needed now by this leadership team.

This new set of leadership data presented a powerful picture. The Leadership Team had evidence telling them what aspects of their leadership supported the new strategy and what was getting in their way. A programme to enhance the leadership effectiveness of this team was launched with two key pillars of work.

1: Personalised one-to-one Leadership Effectiveness Development Coaching

2: Leadership Team

This dual approach aligned the individual development opportunity with reforming how the team led this new strategy. This combination elevated the team dynamics and clarified interdependencies along with a targeted, data-led personal improvement plan.

The collective success of this approach was built on individual leadership foundations. Understanding what was going on at a deeper level for each of the leaders in the group meant we were able to address any gaps and focus on the impact they wanted to achieve as a team.

Understanding what you want to achieve as an organisation is crucial to growth and remaining relevant to your market. The key to achieving such growth is ensuring you have the leaders in place to make it happen. We created critical success factors to bring this opportunity to life. | LinkedIn

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