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This is YOU

What impact do YOU want to have?

What impact do YOU want to have?

Thinking about our goals and what we want to achieve can become a static exercise.

  • I want a pay rise
  • I want a promotion
  • I want a new job

These three examples of typical career goals are incredibly important, of course. Goals give you clarity on what you want and a way to start to put a plan in place. Many of us manage our career this way. We see the career ladder, get on it and work towards reaching a particular level. Taking more and more steps up the ladder.

So, let’s say you get there. YOU achieve that goal; you might even accomplish all three as a way forward. Here you are, pay rise, promotion, new job, but you start to notice that the buzz you felt from achieving these goals is short-lived. You feel twitchy and start setting your sights on what’s coming next.

Here’s a different perspective to consider:

Ever observed a career only get so far and not progress any further?

For many, identifying the goal is straight forward. But it can become static and unfulfilling when YOU haven’t worked out what impact it is that you want to have from reaching the goal. Achieve the pay rise, promotion and the new job only to find ourselves a bit stuck.

What Impact YOU want to have is a vital career differentiator for a leader. It’s the difference between following a career path, taking one step after the other up the ladder (working hard to get there) versus identifying and owning the impact that you want to have—aligning yourself to goals that see YOU impact others or a situation in a way that is meaningful and fulfilling to you.

The best part is that combining both career goals and a clear impact takes you so much further and closer to achieving your aspirations and full potential.

Think about what’s possible for you here?

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