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What Impacts The Success Of Your Transition To A New Role?

These results may surprise you.

According to a recent HBR article, 49% of people promoted internally are underperforming up to 18 months after those moves. McKinsey reports that 27% to 46% of executives transitioning to a new role are regarded as failures or disappointments two years later.

What is impacting their leadership effectiveness?

Before considering how the leader can impact their effectiveness in a role, it’s important to consider what data and insights are used to identify and shortlist that leader in the first place.

Research has shown that the people who are the most productive, innovative, and engaged in new roles—the “fast movers”— establish extremely broad, mutually beneficial, uplifting connections from the start.

Collaboration is increasingly critical in the workplace, with companies valuing network performance as much as individual task handling.

  • How can organisations identify boundary-spanning opinion leaders who can help them reach strategic success?
  • What evidence can you gather to ensure the key behaviours and characteristics needed for the role in scope are at the level needed to transition and perform at the next level?

Designing an organisation’s robust assessment plan is a key aspect of NewlandRock solutions. This talent strategy approach means your critical roles have a success profile to identify what is unique and a fit at that next level of success.

Utilising the insights gained from the kind of deep-dive neuroscience-led assessment at NewlandRock means organisations can easily identify strengths and watch-out factors as well as confidently create an onboarding coaching plan supporting specific development strategy in place.

Making the move to a new role or company can be challenging for a leader combine this with these latest findings that 49% of people promoted internally are underperforming up to 18 months after a move, its important to take a pause and assess how things are going.

Here are a few tips to help you successfully navigate those all-important first 90 days in a role.

1: Generate Pull: Identify how you can add value and build networks and followers in your new role

2: Search for the key boundary-spanning opinion leaders: Who can help you get things done.

3: How can you co-create a narrative of success? Engage with others, understand their perspectives and work towards collective goals.

4: Create scale through networks: Drive impactful change by involving innovators and influencers from across organisations.

5: Identify & fill gaps: Identify your weaknesses and who can help you to fill those gaps

For more advice and support with onboarding and transition coaching see the assessment & succession planning page of our website.