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Time for YOU. Read this section with a cuppa. Take a moment to switch off, focus on my words of wisdom – support your development and effectiveness.

This is YOU

What is bothering YOU?

What is bothering YOU?

Think about an obstacle that you are facing. A situation or task that’s bothering you. I’d like to challenge you to change this obstacle into an opportunity.

• How can YOU turn what is bothering you around?

It might not be obvious at first. What’s bothering us can overtake our thinking so much so that it can be hard to shift focus or perspective to see what the opportunity could be. The opportunity gets lost. In amongst the thinking layers – what’s bothering YOU starts to arouse negative emotions, a judgement of the situation, frustration at yourself or anger against someone else who is involved.

Before you know it, what is bothering YOU has become a party of negative thoughts. Finding the opportunity within it starts to seem impossible. YOU end up the person at the party not having any fun!

• What if I said that EVERY obstacle is an opportunity?

The thing is, our neural pathways have been busy all our lives. Think of a two-way road, traffic moving up and down in each lane. Over time a traffic jam starts to emerge on one side – where our negative emotions live. This traffic jam is getting longer and longer, heavier and heavier with more and more traffic joining. Horns are going, the noise is louder, and all you can hear is this traffic jam. That’s what’s going on in our brains – fact!

So when you are faced with a situation that bothers you, the noise from the side of the road with the traffic jam is blocking out everything else. You actually can’t hear what’s going on the other side of the road at all.

• How can YOU turn what is bothering you into an opportunity?… By building mental muscle!

Working with a coach who can train you to build strength and capability to shift perspectives. It starts with YOU—your commitment to yourself and your desire to supercharge your performance.

Imagine being able to view every obstacle as an opportunity and no longer be hijacked by negative arousal. No longer only hearing the horns going off in that traffic jab. This is the place of superior leadership.

What is bothering YOU today is an opportunity to learn, gain the power of self-command and be inspired to show up differently.

How do YOU build your mental muscles?

• Get in touch so we can put a fitness plan in place for 2021

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