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Boundaries & Your Next Leadership Level

The answer might surprise you

The Results Are In….

I recently ran a poll on LinkedIn asking where you struggle the most with setting boundaries. The overwhelming majority came back with not prioritising their own health as the number one challenge they faced in this area.

We all know that our health improves our physical performance. What about our leadership ability? “If we don’t move and think at the same time our brains decide to save energy by cutting brain capacity.“ says Caroline Williams, a scientist and author of the bestselling book ‘Move’ which explores the emerging science of how movement opens up a hotline to our minds.

I interviewed Caroline during an episode of the Leadership Effectiveness Podcast and she confirmed it. It’s true that exercise can change our brain, strengthening our core can reduce anxiety, and walking can improve our cognitive skills. To listen to the full episode of the #podcastinterview see the link in the notes below.

Why aren’t we prioritising it? The poll confirmed we aren’t setting boundaries to support our health. How would this change for you if it were a performance-related KPI and directly linked to your reward structure?

So here I am in this photo on a recent holiday setting boundaries, for me, it meant switching off in the knowledge that it will boost my effectiveness. Was it easy to switch off and unwind? No! Very few of us can turn up on a holiday and say, “brain switch off and unwind” 😊. It takes a conscious effort. Here are a few extra tips…

✔️ Micro-moments are marvellous. These bite-sized times during the day with no agenda. Just micro-moments of solo time work it’s magic.

✔️ You take yourself with you. Just because you’re on holiday it doesn’t mean a new you turn up. Using the time to sit with your thoughts is worthwhile.

✔️ Unwinding my mind meant no books. A first! The idea of reading anything apart from the menu felt like a task. My holiday book didn’t come out of my bag. I didn’t judge myself for it and instead, I enjoyed letting my mind wonder.

✔️ Work with a team you trust is essential – A huge thank you to those behind the scenes keeping everything moving forward for at NewlandRock


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