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Time for YOU. Read this section with a cuppa. Take a moment to switch off, focus on my words of wisdom – support your development and effectiveness.

This is YOU

What’s here for YOU, now?

What’s here for YOU, now?

This very moment…

• what are YOU aware of now

• what’s showing up for YOU now

• what do YOU need now


How do YOU process the now?

Most of us don’t. Most of us are thinking about what comes next or reflecting on what’s already happened. What’s here for YOU now is missed by most leaders.

The opportunity to process the present. This very minute. Breaking it down into moments where YOU are completely connected with yourself. Why? – This is a trigger point for supporting what it is that you need. To be with your thoughts, energy and emotion. To understand what’s possible for YOU now.

Process coaching is a powerful way to build your leadership effectiveness and self-management tools so you can align yourself with what comes next and supercharge your performance.

Coaching conversations are often future-focused, but to ensure we’re moving with you in the right direction, it starts with switching off autopilot mode – What’s here for you, now?

It’s a busy day, lots to get done, the week is looking the same. Moving through a list of priorities and on to the next thing sees leaders lean on typical responses to the situations they face. If we live in the past or focus only on our future, we miss what is staring at us right now. We miss the opportunity to learn, expand and maybe lead differently. We miss processing the present.

Processing your now is an opportunity missed by most leaders.  To experience the richness of every moment. It’s a way to get unstuck out of autopilot and expand your own leadership range.

What’s here for YOU now? Stop and own it, think it through, sense it.

YOU know. This is YOU.

Move out of autopilot. Expand and build ways to be an effective leader IN the moment.

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