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What’s New at NewlandRock?

Enhancing leadership and team performance remains our priority at NewlandRock.

To do this, we’ve outlined six initiatives you can expect from us in 2024.

Market conditions remain fluid. The need for leaders and top teams to evolve and enhance at pace remains critical for achieving strategic success. As such, these market changes will force a shift in how leaders and teams need to respond.

Developing a high-performing leadership team is a core offering at NewlandRock and these last few years have seen clients position top team effectiveness as a priority. We have conducted hundreds of in-depth talent and team assessments with leaders spanning the globe.

What have we learnt so far?

1: Leaders remain energised towards their mission but stretched in their execution.

2: Teams crave unity, collaboration and clarity.

3: A greater passion towards achieving purposeful results.

4: Organisations are under pressure to ensure their talent receive the development to upskill and navigate new challenges whilst balancing increased costs and shareholder expectations.

Our research acquired through our work coaching and developing leadership teams identified three core needs:

  • The need for Clarity – To gain alignment around goals, priorities, objectives and how the team will work together.
  • The need for Connection – To work as a collective whole, in support of each other to break down silos and build strong systemic relationships and solutions.
  • The need for Courage– Forming the trust that unites the team towards bolder opportunities that drive innovation and operational excellence.

Understanding what factors influence impactful leadership and creating high-performing teams remain at our core for 2024.

👉 Here are a few ways you can join us in prioritising the high performance of your leaders and teams this year.

🌡️ Take Part in Our Leadership Team Health Check

What would a health check of your team’s effectiveness tell you?

This is the question we are asking leaders as part of our NewlandRock research. Our Health Check covers three key factors.

◾️Identity & Purpose:

What are your team known for?

◾️Process & Alignment:

How does your team work together?

◾️Execution & Performance:

What does success look like for your team?

For more information on taking part in our research in return for insights and tips on how to move your team to their next phase of impact, drop me a message or click the link below to get started with our free healthcheck:


🎙️ New series of The Leadership Effectiveness Podcast

What is a high-performing team, and what impacts their success?

In the new series of the Leadership Effectiveness Podcast, we will explore the key factors contributing to achieving and sustaining a high-performing team. Our expert guests will share the secrets behind achieving success as a team, offering you implementable tips and guidance.

I’ll be interviewing a range of experts on topics from

-What to do if you don’t have the right team to deliver on your strategy

– How to achieve greater team success as your business evolves.

– Tips and techniques on ways to boost unity and trust within teams.

To listen to our previous episodes, you can find The Leadership Effectiveness Podcast on Spotify, iTunes and all podcast streaming platforms.

🎙️ The Leadership Effectiveness Podcast with Kate Thomas

💡 Leadership Think Tank Sessions

There is huge value to be gained by leaning on a credible expert as a critical sounding board, executive coach to think throughconfidential scenarios that cannot be shared elsewhere.

Our Leadership Strategy Think Tank Sessions are aimed at your C-Suite executives, decision-making leaders, and HR strategy partners who benefit from an executive coaching experience that connects your business strategy with your talent.

Together, in confidence, we will unpick how you align your company aspirations with your leadership, talent strategy and market dynamics – a plan to bring your vision and goals to life through your people.

📲 Book a time to explore how our expertise can support and work with you.

📖 The Four Levers of Leadership Impact Roadmap [TM]

My new and debut leadership development book will launch this year.

The Four Levers of Leadership Impact, is as a self-paced leadership roadmap, bridging the gap

between how to maximise yourleadership for personal fulfilment and success with increasing organisational results and performance.

What started as a passion project several years ago has evolved, as these things often do!

This book was initially born out of my belief that everyone is talented and everyone in an organisation should have access to fantastic development tools and techniques, but the reality is that budgets are often stretched and only the top highflyers get access to the insights that help them fly higher.

Forming NewlandRock meant I can now take on initiatives that are important to me and ultimately, I wanted to share my leadership effectiveness know-how beyond the top leaders that I coach by creating a book that demonstrates what it takes to achieve more in your leadership without working more.

Now a practical roadmap. The Four Levers of Leadership Impact book is a step-by-step roadmap, placing the reader at the centre of this development journey whilst continuously connecting them to their next level of impact by sharing bite sized, incremental personalised learnings.

The book is packed with real-life case studies, tools, tips, and techniques for enhancing leadership potential with the steps it takes to get there. It blends thought leadership, real life leadership challenges with a method that will improve leadership impact and performance without adding more responsibilities.

To support organisations, this book will be available in a customisable, white label option to incorporate into your learning management curriculum. We will also offer supplementary coaching packages as guidance for both individual leaders and organisations who want to make The Four Levers of Leadership Impact part of their development offering.

Join our waitlist to be notified of our launch date

🎤 Keynote Speaking Partnerships & Micro Workshops:

Face-to-face or delivered virtually, these keynote topics can be added to your leadership seminars or offered as a workshop for your senior leadership teams and designed to plant seeds, bring practical sound bites that resonate with day-to-day leadership whilst highlighting the strategic importance and commercial impact, thus helping to aid your organisation to achieve its desired results.

◾️ Empathy is the key to achieving a competitive edge

Through empathy, curiosity and compassion for others, a working environment can be both commercially profitable and a fulfilling environment to serve. This keynote breaks down how leaders can harness an empathetic leadership style to foster stronger relationships and improve decision-making whilst showing up for, and with others to lead collective success.

◾️ The Four Levers of Leadership Impact [TM] – maximise your impact and drive business results

Learn how to maximise your leadership impact and get laser-focused on what matters most.

My debut book, launching later this year, supports this keynote, ‘The Four Levers of Leadership Impact’, a self-paced leadership development and coaching roadmap, based on synthesising decades of experience working with senior leaders globally, across multiple sectors and functions identifying the key to leadership success.

◾️ Sustainable leadership is critical during times of fast-paced change and unprecedented ambiguity

Combining how we live and how we lead is essential to leadership effectiveness. This topic focuses on creating a leadership lifestyle that involves Learning You. Learning you means adjusting your leadership and lifestyle to bring out the best in you and various career stages. At the core, it involves creating a balance that will boost your well-being and improve your effectiveness so you can lead as you.

📲 To discuss arranging a keynote speech or micro workshop in further detail book a discovery call below:

💻 NewlandRock Digital Leadership Hub

We’re excited about this next stage of growth for NewlandRock and the leaders and leadership teams we are working with. Our team have been working hard to enhance and develop our online leadership effectiveness hub that supports all of our coaching programmes including:

  • Access to our 4 Levers of Impact Roadmap
  • Selected thought leadership articles
  • Online step by step self-serve process to enhance your 1:1 sessions
  • Forums to share insights



If you would like more information on how we can assist your organisation with creating your team effectiveness strategy for this year or would like more information on our signature Top Teams programme, please reach out to me for more information or book a discovery call.