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This is YOU

When do YOU move?

🟡 “I like to Move it, Move it, I like to – Move it”… – Remember that song?

Now I’ve got your attention, let me ask you – When do YOU move?

👉 “if we don’t move and think at the same time, our brains decide to save energy by cutting brain capacity.”

Leadership effectiveness is about creating a lifestyle that allows you to tune into your body. For many leaders, the job demands mean that there is limited time to focus on lifestyle.

But what if you knew that by focusing on your lifestyle, YOU could achieve more! And by leadership lifestyle, I mean focusing on your body in support of your brain.

You don’t walk to your computer and say thank-you for getting me here body; now brain, it’s over to you… Maybe at an unconscious level, that is what’s happening. We sit at our desks or stand looking at our monitors for hours on end – Leaders are in their heads for most of the day.

💡 We know that being sedentary isn’t a good thing; we don’t feel great from it. Still, we compensate by saying there isn’t time (and I’m guilty of this too) But have we made the connection between being sedentary and leadership effectiveness?

My executive coaching and development work is focused on the whole person for a reason. We need to align our body with our brain if we really want to be at the top of our game at a leadership level. We need to boost our mental fitness and our physical fitness if we want to achieve our potential.

✔️ The science is there, and it’s a worry how our modern way of working filled with all of its advancements is possibly sending us as leaders backwards in terms of brainpower and mental agility.

Have you read Move! The New Science of Body Over Mind? I highly recommend it.
🔸“creative ideas are getting thinner on the ground as the years go by.”
🔸“Our bones are in constant conversation with our brains.”
🔸“if we don’t move and think at the same time, our brains decide to save energy by cutting brain capacity.”

Think about the working week ahead and when you will incorporate movement, so YOU achieve more.

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When do YOU move?