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Time for YOU. Read this section with a cuppa. Take a moment to switch off, focus on my words of wisdom – support your development and effectiveness.

This is YOU

Why do YOU have a Coach?

Why do YOU have a Coach?

Said a pal of mine recently, can’t you just coach yourself? I suppose I do in some ways. At least, I do know when I need a coaching hand, when I need to stop, adjust my thinking and reframe.


I know when I need to do things differently, but the way forward isn’t always clear. I too get stuck in my thoughts and need a Coach who will work with me to guide me out of my comfort zone and get me moving in the right direction and at the right pace.


What typically happens to us all is we can lose sight of what is getting in our way. We can get used to things and start to see it as the norm or ‘just the way it is’. We lead in autopilot and accept it, instead of stepping back and looking deeper into why.


  • How do YOU step back?
  • What do you see YOU doing?
  • Who are YOU being?
  • How are YOU feeling?


Take a step back, in the moment, when you can sense that shift occurring – YOU know you’re not being as effective as you could be – you know when you are reacting rather than consciously owning your space. In these few seconds, you can connect with what’s going on for YOU.


Try it out; track what’s going on as a way of identifying ideas for habits or practices that would support YOU in moving forward. This sets the foundation for meaningful Coaching sessions and you achieving your ambitions.


Don’t get stuck!


This is YOU; It Starts with YOU




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