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Why Is Expanding Your Range Important?

When people feel stuck in their career, or in life in general, one reason I observe with the leaders I coach is they aren’t doing enough to satisfy that part of their brain that needs growth. As human beings we need to feel as if we are evolving in some way and for many leaders this means learning something new.

The research tells us that people with a growth mindset are more likely to be able to overcome obstacles and challenges and look for the reframe or learning opportunities which ultimately leads to increased career success. A growth mindset sees failure as a form of learning and assumes that everyone can grow and change through experience and practice.

Therefore to maximise your leadership effectiveness and shift from feeling stuck – respond by being curious about everything. For example there is evidence to suggest that less successful people read mostly for entertainment, those at the top of their game are avid readers of self-improvement books.

Having a willingness to keep learning is a key characteristic in becoming a more effective leader.

Think about the tweaks you can make to ensure your thinking and perspective expands.

  • What are you already doing that you could dial up and expand?
  • What can you learn to do differently as a way of improving your impact?
  • What can you do to shake up your daily agenda?
  • What adjustments can you make to your routine to create the space that’s for YOU?

The trick to rebooting and expanding your brain when life is already chaotic and challenging is to reframe what’s going on. Reframe and expand.

Build your mental fitness by being extra curious
Explore what you are already doing with a new lens
Challenge yourself to view things differently and gain a fresh perspective | | LinkedIn

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