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Time for YOU. Read this section with a cuppa. Take a moment to switch off, focus on my words of wisdom – support your development and effectiveness.

This is YOU

YOU will be happy when…

YOU will be happy when…

This time of year is a melting pot filled with expectation, additional demands and pressure – irrespective of this pandemic push-pull power. 

🔸to start the year feeling positive 

🔸to plan what the year will bring

🔸 to create an environment that will see you succeed

’YOU will be happy when’… a conversation many of us will have (with ourselves) to keep us going.

Whilst this outlook is necessary to help motivate us to reach goals, maintain focus, and pay attention. Too much of it will trigger survival mode, and we end up activating a part of our brain that leads to negativity, and our quest for the happy factor starts to feel out of reach, or the experience is short-lived. The intentions set at the start of the year to feel positive (I’ve got this attitude) actually leads to feeling deflated – you quickly move on to think about what’s next…YOU will be happy when…

YOU will be happy when’… this also explains why events such as winning the lottery has little lasting impact on happiness (hard to believe, right?) and the same applies to work.

’YOU will be happy when’…can actually become one of the biggest derailer and a career stumbling blocks. As soon as survival mode in the brain is activated a snowball effect kicks in, and the stress hormone cortisol is released. The mind becomes narrowly focused, looking for danger (to protect you) leading to YOU ignoring the positive signs.

What can this look like at work?

🔸 An inability to be adaptable

🔸 Struggle through complex situations

🔸 A blind spot for big-picture problem-solving

Your brain becomes incapable of recognising the opportunity; it fears doing things differently and will revert to tried and tested measures. Once you get into this state, you need the mental muscle to pull yourself out.

What can YOU do –

🔸 Be present in the now.

🔸 Reframe to find the opportunity of any situation

🔸 Learn mental muscle building techniques, so YOU are commanding your brain.

Building awareness and intercepting what’s going on is a great starting point.  Knowing how to command negative saboteur thinking takes strength. Join me at my executive coaching gym sessions that are geared to specifically build the mental muscle needed to supercharge performance and improve leadership effectiveness. 

I highly recommend this book as a way of intercepting negative arousal. To intercept the internal chit chat and take your brain to a place of reflection, feel good and perspective. It was gifted to me, and I’ve adored my time spent with its wisdom.



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