Leadership Effectiveness

It’s staggering how few businesses achieve their strategic objectives.

A plan is in place, a goal is set, and there is a commitment from key stakeholders to make it work. The time and cost involved to get to this point are significant. So where does it go wrong? Why do only around 10% of businesses experience the full fruits of their ambitions? The rock, the missing link, talent is often a final consideration. Talent. The rock of most companies. The talent to implement and deliver the strategy is not aligned.

NewlandRock increases leadership effectiveness for talent-savvy companies and individuals going through a transition. Focused on assessment, executive coaching and wellbeing solutions – internationally.

NewlandRock leadership

Your talent are your Superpowers

We all know that it’s the talent in an organisation that is the most differentiating asset. It’s been proven time and time again that the best product does not equate to the best results. It’s the talent and leaders behind the product that reaps dividends

Maximising talent and leadership effectiveness is what will supercharge results.

Talent decision making is at the core of every business. The conversation about talent and leadership effectiveness features on every Board irrespective of size, maturity or sector.

Getting it right; build or buy, develop or change, reorganise or cut, is where many businesses seek external support.


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